Official Business Information

Company Full Name: Flapcon Vana ve Otomasyon Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Adress: Abdurrahmangazi Mah. Sevenler Cad. Egeboyu Sit. E Blok Apt. No: 1E/16 Sancaktepe İstanbul
Post Code: 34785
Tax Administration: 034242 SULTANBEYLİ
Tax Number: 388 083 9884
Trade Register Number: 98326-5
Mersis Number: 0388083988400001
Phone: +90 216 660 10 26
Fax: +90 216 660 10 27
Flapcon Accountant:
Financial Advisor: Ali Anayurt
Financial Advisor Phone: +90 532 543 37 46
Financial Advisor E-Mail:

Bank NameCurrencyBranchSwift CodeIban No
AKBANKTL1262 FERHATPAŞAAKBKTRISTR56 0004 6012 6288 8000 0194 52
AKBANKEURO1262 FERHATPAŞAAKBKTRISTR19 0004 6012 6203 6000 0258 06
YAPI KREDİTL723 YEDPAYAPITRISXXXTR19 0006 7010 0000 0052 0259 97
YAPI KREDİUSD723 YEDPAYAPITRISXXXTR06 0006 7010 0000 0052 0260 37

Quality Assurance


For more than 10 years we have been designing and producing special valves. Our designs are based on a design (CAD) software. Our products are designed to be used in all aspects of our business. Using both 3D and Computerized Fluid Design software, our engineers can calculate strength, flow as well as temperature and pressure influences. They work closely with the customers to provide solutions for all valve related problems and are able to finish general arrangements drawings in a short time after order placement.


Integrated factory management
A wide range of integrated factory management functions like programming, tooling, scheduling and production control enables Flapcon® to control the complete production process, and thus being able to guarantee lead times. The Flapcon® production department is also well equipped to produce a single valve, small series and also project quantities.

Quality System

Flapcon’s production cycle is characterized by constant and relevant investments in the direction of product’s quality improvement and organisation’s effeciency enhancement. Flapcon’s excellent know-how in manufacturing market appreciated product is the result of a synergy of: Skilled human resources, Top quality raw materials, Investments in high technology. Our Quality Control begins from the incoming raw materials and includes several tests on the production; it assures high product performance and consistency with the latest and most restrictive norms.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We have a service understanding that exceeds the expectations of our customers, and morever we aim to be the preferred brand by our customers by offering the best value products.



Our Mission

Due to our human resource management that provides continuous value added, and we take account of solution-focused ideas ; we provide products and services that are constantly evolving and universal quality standards for our customers’ requests.

We are always aware of our responsibilities towards our customers, business partners and employees in the light of our trust, respect and continuity. We aim to convey our most valuable and reliable knowledge to our customers thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable human resources.

About Us

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of valves and automation so we are able to meet customer needs with best solutions. Flapcon products are designed according to the relevant regulations and contain globally accepted standards. Flapcon was founded to bring industrial valves, actuators and automation technology equipment to industrial users. We produce high quality solutions for the design, manufacture and sale of manual and automatic process valves for all industries. With our extensive technical knowledge and experienced team, we produce solutions to our customers to meet most valve and actuator requirements. We aim to be a preferred brand with our competitive price policy and high quality products produced according to the needs of the processes and.

FLAPCON™, is an engineering firm that provides industrial process automation across multiple product categories, such as; measurement, control and instrumentation.

The rapid technological advancements in the automation systems industry is paving way for an increasingly competitive environment. As a result, it is imperative that we carefully control flows and manage this under strict quality control management to ensure excellence in our delivery.

In the Turkish market, technological products are not heavily manufactured, however, we are increasingly finding a surge in demand for flow measurement products. As well as leveraging FLAPCON™ strong team and reputable, world renowned brand – FLAPCON™ helps companies across multiple sectors by providing them with leading flow control technologies to help them grow globally.

Our products; It is used in almost every sector, including Oil and Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Transportation, Food and Beverage, Pharmacy, Marine, HVAC, Drinking and Wastewater Treatment.