Water Supply

Our rubber valves that we provide for reliable clean water needs have been used in the systems of customers for a long time. We produce solutions for your needs such as Butterfly, Gate, Knife Gate, Check Valve, Strainer etc.

Please refer to our recommended product range for water treatment processes.


We meet most of your needs thanks to our product line that is compatible with difficult wastewater treatment conditions. Thanks to our high quality rubber valves with fluid particles, abrasion and corrosion resistance, you will profit for many years. This will reduce your maintenance and repair costs and reduce your labor costs.

Ultra Pure Water
Flapcon is a proven company in the operation and control of pure water treatment services. The Water Industry product range offers the complete range of valves, accessories and service conditions for water service.


High corrosion resistant materials, Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy-C, Aluminum bronze valves can be safely used in your desalination process. You will use our products safely for many years in the water treatment with cathodic protection. You can integrate our electric and pneumatic control valves to your automation and provide 24/7 service.


Reduction of available fresh water sources has become a major problem in recent years. The consequent reduction in water volume has also increased the concentration of contaminants and pollution. Because of this problem, modern irrigation systems, using either underground or surface water are requiring more efficient filtration systems.

Thanks to our wide range of products, we also have a solution for irrigation processes.

Flapcon supplies irrigation products for your needs. These are; Solenoid Valves, Reducing Valves, Strainers, Butterfly Valves etc.

Power & FGD


We have a wide range of experience with power plants which enables us to provide our customers with perfectly coordinated valve solutions for different power plant types. Click on download button to discover more on how our products are used in each power plant.

Innovative Power Plant Products

Together with you, we identify the most important fields of action to ensure and improve sustainability, efficiency and stability. We work out the best answers to your individual challenges

Energy Available in Our Nature

We are here for various power plant solutions. Waste energy, hydroelectric power plants, Fossil power plants, Geothermal, Nuclear and many more.

We are working as a solution partner with Kerui petroleum company for wellhead valves and equipments of geothermal processes. High-performance heavy duty actuators are manufactured in Spain. We import high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure Globe and Gate valves from Europe. High-performance butterfly valves, Globe and Gate valves are available for extreme saturated steam and other difficult conditional applications.



Control valve solutions for the mining industry

In the mining industry, the applications are often very demanding. To stay competitive on the market for raw materials, the equipment needs to be designed for the rough environment. Especially the highly abrasive and erosive slurry puts special demands on the valves to keep maintenance costs down.

Meeting with Sectoral Experiences

In iron ore dressing plants – Throttling of deposit from thickener
In iron ore dressing plants – Throttling control of water to magnetic separator where iron is separated from granite
In zink ore dressing plants – Hand operated valve for throttling the outlet from rubber lined centrifugal pump
In dressing plants for complex ores (Copper, Lead and Zinc) – Throttling control of deposit from so called Sulphur thickener
Control of lime water
Control of grinding water
Slurry transfer
Dosing of additives
Dilution waters
Controlling the flow of water to and from magnetic separators
Controlling the flow of thickener effluents
Control of recycling water

We Handle All, with Our Wide Range

Ore Concentrates
Throttling and isolation of abrasive slurries
Sand Pumping
Granulate flow
Recycled Water
Water treatment
Density control
Throttling of chemical additives
Tank Bottom Valve
Outflow from silo and hoppers
Our Product Range for Mining
Segmented V-Port Ball Valves
Sector Ball Valves
Globe valves
Plug Valves
Butterfly valves
Ball valves
Pinch valves
Diaphragm Valves
Slurry Knife Gate Valves


Custom Valves for Chemical Applications

Top chemical companies use Flapcon’s chemical valve applications to achieve efficient and reliable production. Valves are engineered according to your customer specification. Flexibility, knowledge and on time delivery are key. Due to the high temperatures and corrosive medium in the chemical industy the valve body materials C276, Alloy 400, Alloy 600, Alloy 625 and Alloy 59 are frequently used. See our materials page for a complete overview.

Chemical Applications

Acetic Acid
Caustic and sulfur content
Hydrofluoric acid (HF)
Ethylene-Oxide (EO)
Caustic soda
Sodium hydroxide

Reliable Products Designed to Critical processes
Valves used in the oil industry, petrochemicals industry, FCC plants and ethylene plants an so more…

This is particularly the case as it is not only important to ensure reliable processes and protect the equipment; their foremost task is to protect people and the environment.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is a multi-trillion dollar industry that continues to fuel our world’s economic engine. Getting this resource from the ground to its final destination is a complex process with many steps along the way.

Advantages in Oil & Gas

Key benefits to Flapcon’s oil and gas valves include: fusible link emergency shut off valves, API certified Kerui carbon steel and stainless steel fire safe valves, top quality European, Turkey and China fabrication of your custom product. All of our valves are backed with our customer service and are serviceable with repair kits.

Product Line for Oil & Gas

Flapcon offers quality products suitable for the oil industry. A completely different range of products from drilling to refining in every field of oil gives Flapcon superiority over competitors. Flapcon valves provided by ensure long cycle life and with actuation options can handle any oil or gas pipeline flow. Flapcon works with specialized firms in fire safe valves with emergency shut off protection insuring a work place accident is minimal and does not spread or risk the lives of your employees.

Our Product line for Oil & Gas sector as listed below:

Gate Valves
Globe Valves
Check Valves
Safety Valves
Choke Valves
Butterfly Valves

Standard Conventional Wellhead (SCW)

WEFIC® standard conventional wellhead system (SCW) is designed to provide flexibility and reliability for a wide range of surface applications. From low pressure wells to severe service and geothermal wells, SCW and Christmas Tree system suit any casing and tubing program to working pressure up to 20,000 psi. Designed to fully conformed to API 6A requirements, SCW is safe, robust and cost efficient.

Casing Hanger
SCW offers a wide range of sizes of slip style, wrap around automatic Slip Casing Hanger that is rated up to 10,000 psi working pressure. They can be used in Spools with or without lockscrews and will accommodate the full API tolerances range for casing OD. The easy and robust design ensures reliable and smooth installation. There are options for special sizes combination, and Mandrel Casing Hanger design, which are available upon request.

Christmas Tree Blocks

The Christmas tree manufactured by our company is used for controlling the wellhead pressure and adjusting the output of the oil & gas well, and also can be used for special operations such as acidifi cation, fracturing, water injection, and high temperature steam injection and testing, etc. The Christmas tree can meet different working conditions. It has reliable sealing and safety operation. The design, manufacture, experiment and quality control are all in accordance with the requirement of API 6A 20.