Control valve solutions for the mining industry

In the mining industry, the applications are often very demanding. To stay competitive on the market for raw materials, the equipment needs to be designed for the rough environment. Especially the highly abrasive and erosive slurry puts special demands on the valves to keep maintenance costs down.

Meeting with Sectoral Experiences

In iron ore dressing plants – Throttling of deposit from thickener
In iron ore dressing plants – Throttling control of water to magnetic separator where iron is separated from granite
In zink ore dressing plants – Hand operated valve for throttling the outlet from rubber lined centrifugal pump
In dressing plants for complex ores (Copper, Lead and Zinc) – Throttling control of deposit from so called Sulphur thickener
Control of lime water
Control of grinding water
Slurry transfer
Dosing of additives
Dilution waters
Controlling the flow of water to and from magnetic separators
Controlling the flow of thickener effluents
Control of recycling water

We Handle All, with Our Wide Range

Ore Concentrates
Throttling and isolation of abrasive slurries
Sand Pumping
Granulate flow
Recycled Water
Water treatment
Density control
Throttling of chemical additives
Tank Bottom Valve
Outflow from silo and hoppers
Our Product Range for Mining
Segmented V-Port Ball Valves
Sector Ball Valves
Globe valves
Plug Valves
Butterfly valves
Ball valves
Pinch valves
Diaphragm Valves
Slurry Knife Gate Valves