We have a wide range of experience with power plants which enables us to provide our customers with perfectly coordinated valve solutions for different power plant types. Click on download button to discover more on how our products are used in each power plant.

Innovative Power Plant Products

Together with you, we identify the most important fields of action to ensure and improve sustainability, efficiency and stability. We work out the best answers to your individual challenges

Energy Available in Our Nature

We are here for various power plant solutions. Waste energy, hydroelectric power plants, Fossil power plants, Geothermal, Nuclear and many more.

We are working as a solution partner with Kerui petroleum company for wellhead valves and equipments of geothermal processes. High-performance heavy duty actuators are manufactured in Spain. We import high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure Globe and Gate valves from Europe. High-performance butterfly valves, Globe and Gate valves are available for extreme saturated steam and other difficult conditional applications.