V46.1/V46.2/V40.2/V46.0 High Pressure Globe Valves


Power globe Valve type V46.1, V46.2 and V40.2
Diameters from DN10 to DN65
• Working temperature up to 600°C
• Self- pressure seal construction by means of clamps, allowing easy disassembly of the bonnet without   necessity to dismantle valve’s body from pipeline.
• 10 years exploitation resource at medium load.
• Easy to repair and provided spare parts on stock.

Power globe valve V46.2 and V40.2 and V40.2
• Pressure from PN10 up to PN42 MPa
• Monolithic stem – 100% tightness of closing.
• Stem nut with two bearings and dust protectors – long cycle of operation without maintenance or repair.

Power globe valve V46.1

• Pressure from PN10 to PN16 MPa
• Composed stem – 100% tightness of closing.


Usage Areas

Steam, Saturated Steam, Gas, Oil, Etc.

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